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New Logo + Facebook & Instagram

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Hey Guys,

We have a new logo!









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Throw ‘Em Out!

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Thursday, July 9, 2010 -KUSI’s Michael Turko has an exclusive report on a new battle against red light camera tickets in San Diego. Turko says it’s based on a new case out of Orange County, a case that could have a big effect on those tickets state-wide.

The new court case from the appellate division of Orange County’s superior court system is forcing local officials to take another look at red light camera tickets. The judge in that case ruled that photos and videos alone are not sufficient to prove a violation. And now a San Diego attorney is asking local judges to take red light camera tickets here, and throw ‘em out! Continue Reading →

Mr. Traffic Ticket Get’s New Look

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July 2010! Welcome to the Mr. Traffic Ticket new Website! Take a look at our new customer testimonials, read up about our new associate and staff, and feel free to comment anytime! We look forward to hearing from you!

Mr. Traffic Ticket!

Will Red Light Cameras Stop Snapping?

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Mayor Says Camera Program Costs City $600,000 Yearly

SAN DIEGO — It was supposed to make the city safer and maybe a little richer, but so far the controversial red light camera program is doing just the opposite, 10News reported.

Mayor Jerry Sanders said the city needs to re-examine and rededicate the program or scrap it.

At Harbor and Grape, cameras might capture unsuspecting, distracted tourists leaving the airport If drivers run a red light, they have to pay a ticket. For the city, it’s supposed to generate fewer accidents and maybe even a little cash. “It actually costs the city about $600,000 a year,” said Sanders. Continue Reading →

California’s little-known “Move Over” law

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(SAN DIEGO, Calif.) – Move over, California, or you might get pulled over for a driving infraction you’ve never even heard of. No one likes a speed trap, and some drivers feel California’s new “move over” law is another way for law enforcers to pick on the motoring public.

It’s a new law many Californians haven’t heard about. If you are driving down the freeway, and you see emergency lights on the side of the road, you must move over and pass, leaving an extra lane of clearance between you and the incident.

California Highway Patrol Officer Art Athans says the “Move Over” law includes all emergency vehicles on the side of the freeway with their lights on. Continue Reading →