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Meet Mitchell Mehdy, known locally as Mr. Ticket.

Together attorneys Mitchell Mehdy, Abel Galván and associates have the most experience in San Diego County fighting traffic tickets, handling DMV hearings and Misdemeanors. They dedicate their practice to the low-cost defense of traffic violations and DMV hearings. Representation for traffic tickets start at $99 and Misdemeanor representation starts at $299.

Receiving a traffic ticket can be a frightening experience for many. Mr. Ticket and his staff are here to help. For over 23 years Mr. Ticket and his associates have been dealing with the courts and understand what you are going through. Traffic tickets can tarnish your driving record, and even increase your cost of insurance. We put great effort in trying to get your ticket dismissed so that your insurance rates stay low and your record stays clean. We offer free consultations so call us today! 619-563-1515

Mr. Ticket’s practice is well-respected throughout the community and our business is fueled by the personal recommendations of our many successful clients.

There are numerous reasons to keep a clean driving record:

  1. As you may already know, a clean driving record is important to keep your insurance rates low.
  2. A clean driving record is necessary in order to keep your license.
  3. For you, a clean driving record may be important to keep your job.

For these reasons, an attorney who specializes in traffic tickets will be better able to help you keep your driving record clean. Experience breeds expertise. Expertise helps clients with legal matters. Choose Mr. Ticket, with more traffic ticket defense and DMV hearing expertise than any other attorneys in San Diego.

Since 1986, Mitchell Mehdy has fought on behalf of his clients to substantially reduce, and often permanently erase, penalties for traffic violations. At DMV hearings, he has helped his many clients keep their licenses after multiple tickets. And, he can help you avoid getting points on your driving record.

So, what are you waiting for? Call or visit us today.

The Point System

Violation Point Assessment

Violation points are assigned to Vehicle Code sections and any other code section, or city or county ordinance, involving the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Any violation occurring as a pedestrian or a bicyclist has no point assigned. The department may suspend and place on probation, or revoke, the driving privilege of a negligent operator.

Per Vehicle Code section 12810.5a, a Class C negligent operator has

  • 4 or more points in 12 months,
  • 6 in 24 months, or
  • 8 in 36 months.

Although a Class A or B driver without a special certificate may be allowed 2 additional points, a violation received in a commercial vehicle carries 1 1/2 times the point count normally assessed (12810.5b VC). A minor, under 18 years of age, may receive a 30-day restriction for 2 points in 12 months, or be suspended for 3 points in 12 months (12814.6 VC). More information

Traffic Tickets

  1. Speeding Tickets
  2. Photo Red Light
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Stop Sign
  5. Red Light


  1. Exhibition of Speed
  2. Reckless Driving
  3. Illegal Speed Contest
  4. Suspended License
  5. Minor Drug Offenses


  1. Probation Violation
  2. Reassignment Hearings
  3. Failure to Comply
  4. Failure to Appear

DMV Hearings

  1. Negligent Operation Suspension
  2. DUI Suspension
  3. Lack of Skills
  4. Medical Suspension