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Traffic School

Am I eligible for traffic school?

This is question that you are in the best position to answer. If you have not attended traffic school within 18 months of your citation, you will generally be eligible for traffic school with some exceptions for certain types of offenses such as going 25 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. Commercial drivers are now eligible for traffic school if the offense they are charged with was committed in a non-commercial vehicle. However, for commercial drivers, an employer may still be able to see the point on your record, so it is something you need to speak with your employer about to determine whether traffic school is even an option on your ticket.

Should I take traffic school?

The decision on whether to attend traffic school is a personal decision. Most people elect to take traffic school because it keeps the point from moving violations off their driving record so their insurance rates do not increase from getting the violation. If you have concerns you can ask your insurance company whether your rates would increase if you get a point. If you are contesting your ticket on your own or have a traffic ticket attorney handling the ticket, do not attend traffic school until after your case is resolved. If you win your case, you do not need to attend traffic school so you do not want to waste the chance of traffic school unless it is actually needed.