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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Representation starts at $99

Your initial consultation is free. If retained, our fee for most one-point moving violations is $99. Our goal is to get your traffic ticket dismissed using our legal expertise. We have fought over thousands of traffic tickets and know what it takes to achieve a favorable result!

How Does Mr. Ticket work?

Our attorneys are very experienced in California Traffic Ticket Laws. We will make all appearances in court for you. After hiring us, our attorney will go to court and enter a plea of “not guilty” on your behalf on or around your first appearance date. At that time we will request that the court set a trial date sometime in the future. We will then show up on the trial date and fight your ticket.

The Mr. Ticket Advantage

Hiring an attorney to Defend Your Speeding Ticket may mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. With high fines, DMV points and your license at stake, you need Mr. Ticket to handle it. Our traffic defense attorneys are the best in the business because:

We are Knowledgeable – We have 28 year’s experience in the business of defending traffic tickets. We know the law and procedures that govern traffic law and traffic courts. We use the knowledge we’ve gained to get an advantage in court. Knowing the right legal maneuvers is the key difference in winning your case and potentially losing it.

We Go To Court In Your Place – Under Penal Code 977 we can make all your court appearances without you having to be present. In most cases, you will never have to go to court. We appear on your behalf and represent you to the fullest extent of the law without you ever having to show. We keep you updated by mailing you everything by postal mail so you know exactly what is going on at all times. If you ever have questions feel free to call us or come in to our office and speak to an attorney.

We are Cost Effective – Hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be expensive. Our fees are reasonable because we have designed our business to be efficient. Many clients actually save money because they have hired our law firm. We are experienced San Diego Defense Attorneys providing each case with personalized attention and aggressive representation at an affordable rate and have been achieving exceptional results for over 28 years.